Hotéis Magazine

August 2007


Hamam Group presents the Fasano Rio Hotel Implementation

The luxurious hotel changes the concepts of high accommodation and gastronomy of the wonderful city.

The Project of the contentious Philippe Starck seeks at all times to bring the balance between nature and well-being that the environment provides.

"This is an unique project in Brazil where every detail has been thought out and executed to achieve the expected. We only work with leading companies in the development of each item and the result showed that we can meet any demand of the international market," says the Implementation Coordinator of Hamam Group.

Hamam Group held the deployment of Hotel Fasano Rio management and developed the tropicalisation for the interior design of the French architect Philippe Starck.

"Thanks to the expertise of our team it was possible to develop national products with lower cost than the imported ones suggested by Philippe Starck. Our performance in this deployment was much more than usual, it was somewhat effective everyday, item by item. Everything was done with great affection and total dedication of our team, with the synergy of the incorporators and Phillippe Starck himself, we have transformed several projects in reality with strict compliance to the requirements of design, delivery, and overcome customer and operator expectations." Ensures the CEO | President of Hamam Group.